Music from the Matrix

My name's Sidwave

Since 1985 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I could live out my dream.

I spent 30 years with making music and sound, and this will never stop!
The logical consequence is, that I went into computing, coding, etc.

Now, I am here to offer my services, as Audio Engineer, for your music.

My services

  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Editing/Slice/Repair
  • Sound Creation
  • Composition (Game/Media)

All music is personal and comes from inside of you!

What I Do ?

I clean, and tune up your music

The genre of music does not matter, I have experience with many types

It all needs different treatment, and i work until it is finished for good

I use some of the best digital mastering plugins that exist in the market

What you should do!

Send me the best possible mix you have of your music. The better your mix is, the better the master will be


Contact me, say what you need

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I will give free listen and advice, to improve your mix if needed

When finished, you approve the work, and pay

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It's ALWAYS POSSIBLE to send me preview mix, and get advice, before turning it over to me.

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Contact details

You write me at sidwave(dot)gmail(dot)com

Or via the Facebook..

Sidwave Studio on Facebook